Public rooms

Our guests are very welcome to use our salon, library and terrace to read the daily newspapers, peruse magazines, read a book and enjoy some of our wine. During the fall and winter periods the salon and library are even cosier as we burn wood in the fireplaces.

The salon is very bright as it features a very large window with three French doors leading out to the terrace. Here in the salon you find a copy of the daily International Herald Tribune and the weekend editions of Le Figaro as well as a selection of magazines. The salon is a great place to meet and mingle with your fellow guests.

In our library, we have a television with hundreds of channels in various languages where you can catch up on the latest news, watch your favourite sports events or enjoy a movie. We also have a selection of books for your enjoyment (many of the paper-back books have been left from our guests!). You will find complimentary maps and brochures on the various tourist attractions in Burgundy and contact details for some of our favourite vineyards.

The sun-filled terrace is very popular in the afternoons where many of our guests unwind with a drink after a day exploring Burgundy and visiting vineyards. During the summer months, we serve breakfast on the terrace and we normally serve our four-course and Brasserie dinners outside.

Fitness studio

We are very pleased to offer a small but modern fitness studio at Les Roches! Now you can continue your workout whilst on holiday! The fitness studio is located in our cellar and open from 08h00 to 20h00.

We are very pleased to feature the TechnoGym equipment.

Relaxing Treatments

We can organise relaxing treatments for you during your stay at Les Roches. We work with a professional masseur, Laurent, and he offers the various treatments below. The appointments need to be reserved in advance.

  • Massage Opal’ & Sens; Le meilleur en matière de relaxation, massage complet du corps, sur table, aux huiles, très relaxant, un moment de confort absolu. Prestation de grande qualité.Durée : 60 minutes, Tarif : 100€
  • Massage Oriental; Transportez-vous dans un mélange subtil des indes et de l’orient dans des fragrgrances d’Argane, avec ce massage sur table.Durée : 60 minutes, Tarif : 100€
  • Massage Tonic; Massage sur tapis au sol, assouplissements des articulations, harmonie de la circulation et équilibre des énergies, massage adopté à la pratique sportive.Durée : 60 minutes, Tarif : 100€
  • La Réflexologie Plantaire; Moment de détente et de rééquilibrage des énergies.Durée : 40 minutes, Tarif : 70€

Stay connected duringyour trip

We are pleased to offer complimentary wifi access so that you can easily access your emails, make any necessary adjustments to your travel plans or just check stock quotes! If you are not planning to bring your own laptop, you are welcome to use our dedicated guest laptop to access the internet (also complimentary).

Photo : Jean-luc Mège Photography

Exclusivity, Privacy and Security

As of August 2015, the large entrance gates were automated. All of our staying guests will receive a remote control to come and go as they please. Generally, the gates will be open in the mornings, afternoon and during dinner service. When the gates are closed, Les Roches will give our guests more of a sense of privacy and exclusivity (not to mention very secure parking).

Art exhibition

We are very pleased to display the works for Yu-Kun Yang at Les Roches.



Yu-Kun Yang

Yu-Kun Yang was born in Hupeh, China, and started to study art at the Hong Kong Art School. Given his natural talent for art, his father wanted Yu-Kun to study at one of the best art schools and sent him to Germany. It was there where he received his Master Degree in Fine Arts in 1963 from the Berlin Academy for Plastic Arts studying under Professor Hann Trier.

Yu-Kun has remained an abstract artist even in today’s post modernist era. While many artists in recent years have returned to realism, often to study the fabricated nature of media imagery, a few artists continue to probe the terrains of abstraction. Yu-Kun is still exhibiting the pre-1960’s abstract art movement in different ways today, which were epitomised by Kandinsky, Gorky and DeKooning.

In October of 2005, we hosted a weekend party for Yu-Kun and his European friends. His friends are artists, photographers, gallery owners and art collectors and included Peter Klasen, Benjamin Katz, Françoise Besson-Brosset, Dr Horst Appel, Angelika Gilberg, Tom Sommerlatte and Eva Sommerlatte. Some of these artists signed their own catalogues and books which are on display in the Les Roches library.

For more information about artist, please visit